Thursday, April 16, 2015

Old Tackle + New Bucket + Spring Flowers = Porch Display

Spring is here, and my husband was itching to put his green thumbs to work, so I was sifting through Pinterest when I saw a picture of two buckets of flowers on a pully system. I really do hope copying is a form of flattery, because I had a vintage tackle I bought a few years ago that I was dying to use for "just the right project", and I was convinced this was it.

Pully Spring Flower Display

To make this front porch bucket beauty, you'll need:

1. Two galvanized buckets (about $10/piece from The Home Depot)

2. About six feet of rope depending on how high you are hanging it

3. Some filler rock and potting soil

4. A vintage fishing tackle or pulley (I found this tackle for about $30 at an antique mall)

5. Flowers (I would use flowers, filler, and a grass or moss)

6. Large eyebolt

The assembly is easy!

Just drill holes in the buckets, layer with rocks, and fill with dirt and flowers. Hang the vintage tackle or pulley with a u-bolt, fish the rope through, then have a big, muscle bound husband hold the buckets in place while you tie fancy knots.

You'll be surprised to find that the buckets stay in place because of the rope friction and the weight of the buckets, but if they don't hang to your liking, play with the weight using more or less rock.