Friday, September 9, 2011

My Husband Orders Drinks With Umbrellas

My husband (and his Lemon Drop) on our Anniversary
My husband orders drinks that come with umbrellas and fruit sculptures.  He's not afraid to wear pink.  He likes make my Christmas gifts, and enjoys watching Housewives of Orange County with me.  But among his many eccentricities is his ability to make things beautiful.  Lots of things.

Ok, I must admit there have been times when I've said, "Honey, I think that's too much glitter," or, "Let's not overdue it."  And then there was that time that he came downstairs wearing black pleated slacks, a red Body Armor shirt, University of Oregon visor, and black Nike foam flip flops and claimed he looked like Tiger Woods.  Ah hem.  But lately he has done some amazing work.

Example one, take a look at these chairs he repainted for me.  Once we put in the new table and curtains, the black chairs were like a visual roadblock, so he painted them antique white and scuffed them up for me.  Ohh la la!


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  1. honey, if you have the type of man who can be confident in himself and true to you........
    what else matters? And he's domestic.......
    let him keep his umbrellas! Any single brothers?

    1. We need more of his kind out there! My sister says he's "ruined her for all men" because he's truly mastered the art of being sensitive, yet manly.