Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yard-Warming Party with Gourmet Hot Dog Bar

Housewarming party.  Definition: a party given to celebrate moving into a new home.

Yardwarming party.  Definition: a party with a gourmet hotdog bar, giant beer pong, Deschutes beer on tap, and the first lighting of the firepit.
Guests visit and play giant Beer Pong made from paint buckets and bouncy balls
I believe we have coined the term "yardwarming party," and I'm darn proud of it.  The event had everything a good party could hope for: grub food, an awesome guest list, and clear night out by the firepit.

For the event, I decided to kabosh the slider burger bar even though it was a hit at our last BBQ, and instead go with a gourmet hot dog bar.  So EASY! The idea was inspired hot dog recipes in the Martha Stewart Food Magazine.  Of course, we put our own little twist on things, and came up with five recipes for our guests to concoct the perfect dog.

The Aloha Dog:
Turkey Dog
Pineapple Topping (1TBSP of oil and saute' fresh pineapple, red onion, salt, sugar, and cayenne pepper in a pan)

The Yo Dog:
Polish Dog
Bacon Bits
Peach-Bacon Baked Beans
Chopped Onion

The Gutentag Dog:
Polish Dog
1000 Island
Swiss Cheese

The Hola! Dog:
Beef Frank
Corn Topping (Corn, scallions, oil, salt, and pepper sauteed in a pan, then spritzed with lime juice)

The Chao Ban Dog:
Bee Frank
Cucumber Topping (cucumber and carrot mixed with 2TSP vinegar, 1TSP sugar, and 1/2TSP salt)
Fresh cilantro

The hot dog station had menus for the five recommended dogs, plus toppings to come up with 1000's of varieties of custom dog deliciousness. 

Each of the toppings were identified with a handmade sign and condiment bowl (4 for $1 at the Dollar Tree). I pre-made and pre-filled all the toppings the day before, then set them out five minutes before showtime, and my husband just grilled the dogs on a as-needed basis.

It must have been a hit, because out of the 80 dog we BBQ-ed, there was only four left at the end of the night!

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  1. It was an amazing party with amazing food! The Duck colored beer pong buckets were so clever. Fun was had by all!