Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Change is in the Air

As I mentioned on yesterday's post, "change is in the air."

It sure is!  The leaves are changing,  The weather is changing,  and we have a big change happening in our family, too. 

If you've been wondering why it's been--literally--months since I've updated the blog, I have the only excuse for avoiding cooking, painting, and blogging for an entire three months: I'm pregnant with our next little bundle of joy.

Boy, how time fades your memory.  With my first (I remember now), I lost 12 pounds in the first three months because I couldn't keep so much as a sip of juice down.  But I thought this time it would be different.  With my first child I didn't eat for three months, but God doesn't do that to you twice, right?  With my first, I felt like a mutant until the nine months were over and he popped out, but it was so worth it, remember?

Well, I had high hopes this time it would be different.  I have more time to sleep, a less stressful job, and I have already been through it once.  When I held the EPT in my hand, I thought, "I'll start blogging recipes with high fiber and folic acid to promote healthy baby growth.  Then I will blog about bump-friendly exercise routines."  And then I started throwing up.  It hasn't stopped for three months. 

So, instead of cooking healthy, fiber-rich recipes and doing prenatal yoga, I've been laying on the couch with a dairy-free Jamba Juice watching Celebrity Rehab, Wendy Williams, and reruns of 16 and Pregnant (just to make myself feel better).  I'm so disappointed in myself!  Oh, well, only six more months to go!  At least I'm turning the first-trimester corner.

I'm still trying to figure out how something only 2" long could make a 5-8" woman feel so icky!!!

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