Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick and Treat: Copycat Pottery Barn Stratton Bed

What's the trick? Fooling people into thinking we would spend $1200 on a Pottery Barn bed.  What's the treat?  Check out this beautiful knock-off my husband made for my sister for her birthday.

Two months ago, I was at a complete loss of what to buy my sister for her birthday.  Afterall, she deserves something good because she's my live-in sister, babysitter, friend, and sous chef.  She has been talking about this bed in the Pottery Barn catalog for years, and kept saying it was going to be her "one big splurge" someday to go with her Tiffany-Blue Bedroom.  And I got to thinking...there's nothing really to that bed, is there?

So I gave my husband the challenge and he succeeded with flying colors.  Here's the look we were going for:

The Pottery Barn Stratton Bed $1200
And here's the finished product:

Our version of the Stratton Bed ($182 for supplies plus $90 for baskets)

The best part is the bed can be modified to accommodate a King mattress in the future
It was a long, three week process, but I think it turned out great.  So proud of my hubby who built it, and my dad who painted it (he's a professional painter, so we kind of lucked out).  All the lumber for the project was less than $180, and the baskets were on clearance at World Market, so I got all six for about $90.

Here are the resources we used to build the frame:

Pink Toes and Power Tools
Snug as a Bug Baby

So this week's challenge?  Go out and find something you love...and then make it yourself (or make your husband!).  Happy Friday!

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  1. It turned out great! Isn't all the storage awesome?? What a great deal you got on those huge baskets too!