Thursday, April 11, 2013

I LOVE It When My Husband Gets Bored

My husband got bored again last week while I was in Nevada house-hunting with my brother.  What does he do when he gets bored?  He makes me things.  Pretty things.  And this is what I got this time!

The inspiration for this project was the Bend, Oregon logo (where we live) found here on this glass

He just used some simple tools and piece of plywood

Who needs a protractor when you have a lid???

And he gets the chance to try out his new router

I'm super impressed that he drew the art himself.  It's spot-on!

Glad this project went a little better than the time he cut his finger off with the router...that was two weeks ago...

Almost done

Using the stencil, he created another piece that was the inverse of mine for my sister.

Both pieces cut and ready for paint.

The final product

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  1. i am glad you like it Lil Pie. Who really needs 10 fingers anyway. one of the characters in "one fish, two fish" had eleven fingers; that doesn't mean he was a better craftsman because of it. Punkin.