Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home Office

There’s a part in one of my favorite movies, “Under the Tuscan Sun” in which Diane Lane’s character says:
“Just because you have a sudden urge to weep, that doesn't mean you've made a mistake…the trick to overcoming buyer's remorse is to have a plan. Pick one room and make it yours.”
Though I do not claim to have buyer’s remorse, I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by this new chapter in my life. So I took Lane’s advice: I went to my home office, cleaned it out, bought some inspiring new notebooks, and… "made it my own.”
This is how Pottery Barn makes a home office

Though the "Pottery Barn" look I was going for was not fully executed, I'd like to think of it as "Pottery Barnesc". 
This is my budget-friendly, practical, version of that...
 I call the look, "Chic But Practical--on a budget!"
...complete with a closet to hide all the uglies

Though I in no way maintain that my little home office can complete with those fabulous designers at Pottery Barn, I was encouraged to find ways to organize my mess.

Whoo...I feel better now!  Any life coach would be proud.

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