Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What PB Has Taught Me While Creating a Home Office

What I learned from my home office makeover...PB style!

 There should be a box for everything, and everything in a box.

Pretty notebooks make me want to write in them.
Colored rubber bands and paper clips cost little more, but add a lot of extra zing.

Ikea makes good organizational items on the cheap. 
Men do not organize like women.  They do not care about the PB lifestyle.  This was apparent after searching for the level for 25 minutes.
I learned to use a level.  And, gasp, my husband may be correct in insisting I use one.  They do make everything look much nicer.  And straighter.
It's a good thing I have a Mac, because apparently they are design-friendly, as PB never showcases any other type of computer in their magazine.

It's also a good thing I have all the Mac accessories (iPhone, iPod, iMouse, iPrinter) to go with my Mac so they all match.

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