Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Through the Years

My brother as Reno 9-1-1; maybe the funniest ever!
Is it just me, or is Halloween the perfect holiday? I think some of my first memories are of Halloween.  Maybe I was a little bit dark child, or maybe it was just that I've always loved to play dress up, but as both a kid and an adult.  I absolutely love Halloween--and I don't even like candy (and never really have)!

I can still remember every costume I've ever worn. Usually, I wanted to be something pretty: a princess, angel, genie, cat.  There was the year I wanted to be a punk rocker in the 1985, but my mom made me go as a half-boy/half-girl instead.  Then there was the year of the way too young and inappropriate french maid, the Egyptian princess, and Elvira.

In the 90's, I enjoyed getting into character, so I dressed up as Britney Spears (before she was popular) and during a dinner at a late-night restaurant, convinced the staff I was actually "Britney Bitch." They were so enamored with "Britney", each chef came out one-by-one for autographs of posters they had of her in the kitchen.

In my college years, a group of my gal pals and I all dressed up as the Spice Girls, and following that, I began to make couples costumes with my soon to-be-husband.  We've been the Scooby Doo gang, a Genie and an Astronaut, and the Incredibles.

Costumes are just so much fun, I wanted to share some of them with you.  I have found that the best costumes 1) are homemade, 2) allow you to get into character, and 3) have some element of pop-culture.  That's why we seem to move towards movie/tv celebrities in past years.

This year, my husband and I are going as two pop-culture icons.  Can you guess???  I'll be sure to share photos!

The Early Years
My totally age-inappropriate French Maid costume, circa 1992 I think

The College Years
2X Brittney - This time in her "Oops! I did it Again" Video
The Scooby Doo Gang - Doesn't my hubby look exactly like Fred?

My 20's (the childless years)

Apparently before the age of digital film - I was "I Dream of Jeanie" and my hubby was an Astronaut

The characters of "Chicago"
My brother as Justin Timberlake as Beyonce in the video "All the Single Ladies"
My hubby as G.W. Bush, my brother as Brett Michaels, my sis as Kat Von Dee and my sis in law as Nancy Kerrigan
The Family Years

The Incredibles - Still one of my favorite costumes
The Incredibles Plus Child
My son's first Halloween
My son's second Halloween

Last Halloween.  My son kept saying "I want to suck your thumb!"

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  1. I must admit, Halloween didn't mean a thing to me before meeting Amber. Amber, you made it fun for me. Your imagination amazes me. Now that we have kids it will be even better. My favorite costumes are the Incredibles. Can't wait to take the kids "trick-or-treating" this year. Love you. Joshua (Amber's husband)