Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Recipe Kitchen Art Download

I remember the days of hand-me-down couches, crate nightstands, and paper towel hand cloths.

I've been there--the poor, broke, new homeowner. I think that's why I'm always looking out for inexpensive ways to update a house on a small (or nearly non-existent) budget.

I was watching the Today show the other day when they featured fast updates for a kitchen and suggested framing recipes.  What a brilliant idea, I thought!

My sister, who recently moved out, is always asking "what's in that chicken I love so much?" or "how long to roast that chicken you make?"  So, the idea of framing some of our favorite recipes kills two birds with one stone: 1) my sister will have my recipes within reach; and 2) it will help fill the absurdly blank walls of her new digs.

So...I took three of my favorite recipes, as well as a graphic of how to set a table, and framed them into four similar frames I found at Goodwill to create a wall collage.

After all that work, I thought, "Wow! I should just share these!"  And so, here you go...fancy downloadable copies of recipe art.

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