Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Music to My Eyes - A story about a piano

My piano is finally here!  Where has it been, you may ask?  Well, let me tell you a little story about a piano.

In December 2005, my dad was painting a building that used to be an old YMCA and my husband offered to help work on this job since money for Christmas that year was a little tight. 

While he was painting, my husband noticed an old leather-bound piano in the corner of the old auditorium, under a tarp.  He had nothing to give me for Christmas and remembered I had always said how beautiful I thought pianos were.  So, he approached the lady that owned the building and asked if he could barter some labor for the piano.  She said yes, and Josh came home with this 1950's Wurlitzer upright piano.
My husband exchanged painting a hallway for a 1950's Wurlizer

On the outside, the leather was peeling, the stain was damaged, the bench was broken.  But on the inside, the piano looked like it had never even been played.  All the parts were like new!

Josh and I spent the next six months sanding and deconstructing this piano, then my dad--conveniently an excellent painter with fabulous tools--came over and sprayed it a glossy, beautiful ivory color. 
After six years and lots of paint and sanding, the piano now resides in my entry, waiting for my son to be old enough to play it

So I had this beautiful piano, in great condition, and you would think that was the end of the story, right?  Well, two weeks after finishing "the Piano Project", we actually sold our house and moved onto a houseboat.  The piano, which has a 500lb brass plate in it, was too heavy for the houseboat.  I believe the contractor's words were, "It might not break the floor, but it might sink the house."  So, we sent it to my mom's house where it lived for the next six years.

A couple months ago, after my parent's moved and the snow cleared away from the pass, we decided it was time to bring the piano back to it's rightful owner.  So a trailer, some tie downs, a dolly, six men, and a long drive later, here it is, in my entry.

I must disclose, I can not play the piano.  In fact, I can not even read music.  I took guitar lessons a few years ago, but almost failed the course because I can not decyfer the notes on the lines.  Luckily, God did not punish my son for my shortcomings, and I can already tell he's extremely musical like my husband.  So piano lessons are in his future and hopefully my house will someday be filled with beautiful piano music.

So, until this piano can be music to my ears, it will have to remain music to my eyes!
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  1. It looks FAB! I have the same one, were you able to remove the leather? How did you take it off if so? I want to paint mine!