Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Painted Pumpkins Are Less Messy

Because my son is only two, I can get away with not going ballistic for the holidays.  This means I don't have to jingle bells outside his window during Christmas, I don't have to have 20 kids over for his birthday yet, nor do I have to carve pumpkins.

Call me a buzz kill if you must, but I actually hate carving pumpkins.  It's messy, gooey, and I have to clean up dried pumpkin off the floor for weeks.  Plus, the pumpkins always seem to rot pre-Halloween, and then I have a big orange stain on the cement outside my door.

So, this year, we decided to "paint" pumpkins instead of carve them.  It was cleaner, more fun, and a lot less messy.  We got the idea from Country Living and Family Circle

We started out our pumpkin painting day as we do with so many events: with wine, cheese, olives, and fruit on the back deck.

I painted the front and back of my pumpkins so I could enjoy the view of them from both sides

This was inspired by the creepy Raven poem (Edger Allen Poe, I think?)

This is my son's pumpkin.  He's already an artist!

My husband--a huge Oregon Duck's Fan--painted his pumpkin green.  Then he put glittery gems in the shape of an "O" on it.  It reminds me of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

My sister painted a creepy brown recluse on one side, and painted the backside black then carved out another web.

An easy idea for the non-artistic.  All you need is a white pumpkin and black paint.

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