Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seven things you didn't know about coffee

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So yesterday I posted an article on making the perfect cup of Joe.  Today, I wanted to follow up with some common Facts and Myths about coffee preparation.

In case you were wondering, my credentials on this topic include:
  • Fifteen years experience in the preparation and consumption of coffee
  • Membership in the Starbucks Rewards program
  • Live-in sister/Starbucks Barista
  • 10 years caffeine junkie
Seven things you may not know about coffee:
    1. Bold roast does not mean more caffeine. It describes the flavor of the roast.
    2. NEVER freeze coffee. Putting coffee in the freezer will allow the coffee to absorb the tastes of the freezer. Store in a cool, dry place instead.
    3. Grinding beans right before brewing will guarantee the best, boldest taste. Beans loose flavor as they are exposed to air.
    4. Different regions of coffee bean have different taste. Asian beans are spicier, Latin American beans are smoother.
    5. ALL COFFEE is organic because it is grown at an altitude that doesn't require pestisides.
    6. Good coffee is sifted numerous times. Bad coffee is the portion of beans sifted out. So put simply, Folders is the rejected Starbucks beans.
    7. Coffee is freshest within the first 30 minutes of brewing.
      So, there you have it.  Real tips from a real addict.

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