Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Patio Project on a Budget

I always watch these shows on HGTV where they go out hunting garage sales and garbage cans and find these fabulous pieces of furniture they restore for next to nothing.  I've always wondered how that happens, because it seems every time I go to a garage sale, I generally just find worn out kids stuff, clothes that reek of moth balls, and furniture that's dated, worn, and unstable.

I have had luck, however, on Craigslist.  My latest prize?  A $50 teak patio set.

It wasn't even a week prior when I was paroling the Pottery Barn catalog and I saw this patio table.  I loved it, but thought $1,900?  Not on my budget!

Later that week while doing some searches for outdoor stuff on Craigslist, I came a cross an ad for a "wood patio set."  I immediately called them and asked when I could pick it up.  This is what I got:

 At first glance, it wasn't much to look at.  But as we brought it in, we realized it was actually teak.

So, my husband (with the help of my son) began sanding it down to it's beautiful bones.

Days (and lots of dust) later, it was ready for some teak-friendly stain and protectant.  I chose Behr Cordovian Brown in Semi-Transparent.

This is the finished product.  My husband surprised me by adding decorative stenciling throughout.  I'm pretty happy with my $50 find!


  1. Great find. My husband and I picked up a dining table at an estate-sale last year for $100 and thought it was the best deal of all time. 8' long and 4' wide, 6 chairs (all solid oak), but it was in terrible condition. We ended up with a bill for about $350 after purchasing all the stain, sandpaper and of course a new sander. Still........worth it all the way.

    1. Estate sales are something I need to try...I'm always intimidated because I don't know the protocol!

      Even $350, you end up with something that has value because of your labors, and is one of a kind!