Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tiffany-Blue Re-Do

I have a live-in sister.  Noah has a live-in Auntie.  My husband has a live-in Sous Chef.  Jack (my dog) has a live-in dog walker.  But after two years, my sister still doesn't have a place that feels like her own (though she will never admit that).

Truth be told, it was actually my sister that found the house we live in now.  A little over a year ago, we were touring some new homes on the north side of Bend to meet the needs of our "modern family" of four.  I wasn't sure about the houses we looked at, so we drove around the neighborhood "to see what if we liked it."  Just a block away, a house was staked with an Open House sign.  What luck, especially since it was Halloween!  My mom said, "Don't can't afford it," but my sister egged me on: "Come on!  Why not?  You never know..."  So my mom waited in the car, and my sister ran ahead, threw open the door and said, "This is it!  This is the one!"

We "ooh-ed" and "ahh-ed" over the view, the stone fireplace, the wood floors--our mind was made up before we even saw the bedrooms.  As it turns out, the home was meant to be, because when we hit the upstairs, we discovered it in fact had a second master; perfect for a live-in Auntie!  It even came with three bike racks in the garage.  It was "perfect."

I think my sister has never asked for anything for her room because she's just so happy about the move from our 1,300 sq ft ranch home with a bathroom we shared to our now 2,500 sq ft home with four--yes four--bathrooms, including her own private bath and a walk-in closet.  But let's face it, she deserves more!

My sis helps with the cooking, cleaning, taking care of my son, and appeasing my pain in the butt dog.  And she also always empties the dishwasher which is probably my least favorite thing in the world to do.  So, she deserves a room with as much class, cool, and pizazz as she has.  Hmmm...what color?  Why, Tiffany Blue of course!

What says "you're priceless" more than Tiffany's?

So, here you go!  The before and after of a Tiffany Blue Sister Room Re-Do!

BEFORE: Wow!  I guess I never realized how depressing this room was.  Maybe it's the lighting?

More Before Pics.  We chose a bright "Tiffany Blue" after seeing some inspiring ideas on Pinterest

This side table has seen better days.  The top is damaged, so we decided to also paint the top a new, fresh blue.

Time for the Painter's Tape: A sloppy painter's best friend!

AFTER: A little Tiffany Blue, some art, and some $25 shutters can really make an impact. It just feels like my sister's room now!

My sister bought these lanterns from Ikea years ago, but never hung them.  $5 of chain and some hooks later, and what a cute little decoration they became!
The table post-paint...much better!

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