Monday, March 26, 2012

Paver Patio Update

Ten looonnnggg days later this is where we stand!  My husband recovered with a bath of Epson salts, a big meal, and 10 hours of sleep.  Not only did this project give me a new backyard, but a new husband, too!  He's lost a whopping 25 pounds!

The weather permitted the last pavers to be set yesterday morning.

Once the pavers were set, the sand was brushed on the top and into the cracks.

Using a rented compactor, the sand was compacted down into the pavers.

Then the sand was brushed off, leaving a paver patio that is up to five times stronger than concrete (according to the cement warehouse we bought the pavers from).
 A big thanks to Cement Manufacturing Products in Redmond, Oregon, who delivered the pavers, showed us how to do the entire project, and even came back to move the pallets for us to a more convenient location.  What an awesome crew!

Also thank you to Jesse Anstat who helped my husband excavate the entire thing.

Thanks to my husband, who worked his butt off to do this whole thing!

I only have one "no thanks" for you.  A big "no thanks" to Hooker Creek Equipment who we rented the excavator from.  They asked us for $300 to repair a toe that broke on their excavator within the first hour ( you think it was cracked to begin with???).  We argued with them that if we were renting a car, and the tire blew, we wouldn't be charged for that, so we shouldn't have to pay to weld a toe that broke on a excavator, especially since they do not offer insurance on the equipment.  They did not give in, but did lower the repair cost, so it only cost us $180 for the fix, plus $350 for the rental, so over $500 to rent an excavator for the weekend!  No thanks!


Now for decorating the darn patio, which I haven't a clue on how to do.  Can anyone offer suggestions?

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