Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hosting Secrets - Northwest Low Boil

The South has been holding out on us.  It's little-known (at least up North) hosting treat called "low boil", and it's the easiest, most delicious, and mess-free way to host a large amount of people.

Southerners have long hosted low boils, taking advantage of the low summer crawfish prices.  Most often low boil is reserved for community events and fundraisers; the largest and most well-known of these events being the the"Crawfish Festival" held every summer in Louisiana.

Well, our take on low boil is a little different, but just as easy and delicious.  So if you are planning to host a large group, grab the grub and get the pot going.

Northwest Low Boil


Corn on the Cob (husked and broke in half)
Polska Kielbasa (we use Turkey to cut down on the calories and fat)
Large Shrimp (in the shell)
Potatoes (with skin, cut in half)
Cajan Season or Low Boil Seasoning (we use Lawry's, found in the seafood section, NOT the spice section)

Cooking Instructions

Husk the corn and break in half.  Set aside.  Cut the Kielbasa into 2-3" pieces.  Set aside.  Cut the potatoes in half, put in large low boil pot with water and a generous helping of cajan seasoning and let boil.  Once potatoes are cooked, add the polska kielbasa, followed by the corn.  Let water continue to boil. Just before serving, add the shrimp (in the shell for more flavor) until pink.

Serving Instructions

Drain the pot using the lid as best you can.  Spread out newspaper on a large table and dump entire contents of pot onto the newspaper.  Serve with napkins and a large bowl of drawn butter to share.  No utensils or plates necessary!  Just share the experience of family style low boil.

To clean up, roll husks, shrimp shells and and all other items up in the newspaper and throw away (or compost).  Dinner is served and dishes are clean in less than 15 minutes prep and clean up time!


  1. we did this Wednesday evening but were lucky and found crawfish at our local market store to add to our shrimp and sausage. Was yummmy

  2. this sounds like a really good dinner. I live in North Carolina now, but originally from Chicago area. I've heard of Low Country cooking but haven't tried it yet. I'm anxious to try this one. Up North, we had what is referred to at Door County Fish Boil. It was always cooked outside over a big wood fire. A big cauldron was filled with water (probably water from the lake) and a big metal basket was lowered into the water when it came to a boil. Whole small red skinned potatoes, whole small peeled onions, and sometimes carrots were put in....when veggies were almost done, fish was put in the boiling water and cooked for about 15 min. At the very end, kerosene or some flammable liquid was poured on the flames of the fire..This caused the water in the cauldron to boil up and all the oil from the fish went over the side onto the flames. It put the fire out and then the cauldron could be removed. the Metal basket was taken out and the whole works dumped on the metal trays on the picnic tables. It was soooooo good and a show boat sort of event. If your having a big party and lots and lots of people, it's really an easy way to feed them..