Tuesday, August 2, 2011

instantaneous bursts of energy

The trail that runs between Benham and Duhnam Fall in Oregon.
I do not live well by schedule.  I like to think that's why over the course of the last four years I have been unsuccessful in sticking to a workout routine.  There comes one moment in every day--and only one--when I feel like working out.  If that moment happened fall between a regularly-scheduled workday, the moment comes and goes.  But now, working from home, I can act on that momentous burst of motivation and get right to it.

So it's been two weeks and I have successfully ran or hiked most days.  Besides being able to act on my instantaneous bursts of energy, I think there's more to my sudden motivation to work out.  I think it's...dare I say...that I love trail run.

Here's what I've figured out about trail running: IF you are able to choose the time, and IF you are able to go when the weather is warm and breezy, and IF you have a beautiful place like Central Oregon to run, and IF you have a great running partner (I have both my sister and my dog), THEN what's not to love?

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