Thursday, August 25, 2011

If it looks like Pottery Barn, and is decorated like Pottery Barn...

This is my dining room update.  None of which is actually from Pottery Barn, but I think I copied the look pretty well.

After I picked up my table, I went shopping for chairs and found these sturdy wood chairs and a bench from World Market that almost match.  Then I picked up two antique-looking ivory chairs from Pier1 and finished the new look with three decorative hurricanes.  Here's the before and after.  I think I have definitely "Pottery-Barned" my dining area.
BEFORE: The smoked glass top and white chairs were always getting "little fingerprints" on them.  The furniture was a bit on the contemporary side and the table was too narrow for the space.  The space was so large, the table was always extended, which put the table-legs in the way of the chairs.

AFTER: The distressed wood table will actually get better with time.  The chairs and table are all "kid-friendly".  The table is much larger and wider, filling up the space more appropriately and making room for eight at the table.

The wood tones play up the warmness of the Cherry floors, while the antiqued white chairs brighten the space.  Now I just need to paint the black bar stools antique white to match!

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