Sunday, August 28, 2011

Taste Not to be Railroaded

Ok, that's it.  My husband maybe the most "Pottery Barn" husband around (and the best).  After dinner on Thursday night to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary, I pulled in the garage to find...THIS!  This beautiful railcar my husband picked up from an antique trader in Redmond. 

 It's actually from the local railroad, and he snatched it up for...get this...$298 and was bummed that he couldn't negotiate them down.

It's absolutely perfect and my son loves that it came off a real railroad.  He plays with the (now sanitized) wheels all day.

The topper?  Yesterday I got the new Restoration Hardware catalog, and featured in it is a replica of a rail cart.  In case you can't read it...that says $1095.  Yes, $1095.  My husband is soooo Pottery Barn!

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