Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rose and the Thorn: This Week's Lust List

Every night at dinner we've started the tradition of saying what our "rose" and "thorn" of the day is.  As a serial pessimist (yes, it's true, sorry!) it's an important for me to both remember the good things in life (the "roses") and also to vent (the "thorn").

In that same spirit, I thought it would be fun to blog about some of the "roses" I found throughout the week--the "Lust List"--and then maybe also some thorns (you know, like bad business). 

So here's this week's Lust List:

1. Italian Recycled Green Glass Plates from Pier 1.  I had a gift certificate for Pier 1 from Christmas that I still hadn't used.  I just couldn't make up my mind, but had been contemplating these recycled glass plates for some time.  I finally broke down and decided to buy them despite the $7/plate price tag.  But guess what? I walked in and they had been reduced to just over $3/plate!  They had sold out of the salad bowls, but oh, well.  I still love the plates, and because I got such a good deal, I decided to buy some accessories, too.

2. Costco Squash Ravioli.  One thing I love about Costco/Sam's Club is that I always seem to find something that inspires me to cook.  During this week's trip, I stumbled upon these refrigerated Squash Ravioli's.  After a long weekend of cooking, I decided to take it easy last night and paired them with browned butter (I know it's so fattening, but I only used 2TBL), walnuts, and fresh Parmesan.  Not only was it pretty grub, but it was so filling; I only ate two raviolis and was stuffed!

3. Pottery Barn Bennett Table.  This one is truly a lust.  I've been wanting a distressed farm table for quite some time.  I look at Pottery Barn and constantly lust.  This week, they have one of my favorite tables--the Bennett Table--on clearance for $1,099 (of course, it's like $249 to ship on the other hand).  So, I have to make the decision between an AirMac Notebook or this table.  I think the computer is going to win, but I'm terribly sad that the table will probably sellout before I can buy one! :(

4. Etsy.com.  I always forget to go to etsy.com, but when I remember, I can't help but look at things for hours.  This week I found a hot pink "Bride" bikini (only $35!) that I'm going to buy for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's wedding on a cruise ship in November. 

I also found these fabulous drapery panels, but just can't fathom spending $500 on window treatments to cover my huge front-room windows.

5. "O" for Oregon Hydro Flask.  It's good to know the people at Hydro Flask, and it's because I know two of them that I scored the most fabulous water bottle in the world.  I've never been keen on metal bottles...the water gets warm inside, they burn your hands if out in the sun too long...but the Hydro Flask is double-walled and vacuum-sealed so your water stays ice cold for 24-hours and tastes amazing.  The topper: Hydro Flask is local and they make one in an Oregon Duck's design.

Yesterday my husband and I took the stroller up the mile incline of Pilot Butte and he forgot my Hydro Flask in the car.  The only option for water was the water fountain at the top.  It was not a pleasant trip back down for my husband.  I'm very serious about my hydration.

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