Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Cheated on You

I'm sorry Pottery Barn.  I cheated on you. 

For weeks now I've been contemplating buying the Bennett Dining Table listed on Pottery Barn.  It's on sale for $1,099 (plus shipping of $145 and handling of $100).  But then I was at this consignment shop in Bend, Oregon and I saw this table that I'd been eying which was reduced by 50%!  The topper...I had a 20% of coupon which they applied to the price.  So, how could I turn it down?  It was meant to be.

My new table

So now I have to decide on chairs.  I need some help. 

Pier 1 Cross-back Chair
World Market Bench
High Back Farm Chairs

Option 1:  Four Pier1 cross-back chairs plus one World Market bench.

Option 2: Two wingback chairs I have, re-upholstered on the ends, plus four Pier1 cross-back chairs.

Option 3: High-back farm chairs

What do you think? Please comment and let me know!

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